Travelling with Galibelle

Travelling with Galibelle

Recently I returned from two whirlwind trips. I jetted off to Bali for a friends wedding and pretty much straight after returning travelled to Paris for the Galibelle annual event. I know what you are thinking, poor me right ; )

But seriously all this travel posed packing issues for me…… I had to be organised. 

Bridesmaid responsibilities in Bali meant I had to pack the correct shoes and straps for not only me but for 4 other bridesmaids and the bride, plus shoes for myself for the rest of the trip.

I also had to remember my bridesmaid dress and of course, correct underwear because god forbid my bestie has to look at my undie line in her wedding photos every time she walks down her hallway for the rest of her life.

My trip to Paris was a series of events and meeting’s which meant I had to think about what I was going to wear and more importantly what shoes to match each occasion, which was an easy task with Galibelle.

Now I believe there are two types of packers in this world. The organised packer, who diligently writes lists and checks things off with a pink highlighter, packs contingency outfits and added items for “just in case” or “what ifs” and the last minute packer, who keeps saying they have plenty of time until all of a sudden its fly out day and they haven’t even taken their suitcase out of the spare room wardrobe or double checked their itinerary and has the wrong flight time committed to memory bank.

Unfortunately I am the Latter…. I usually leave the packing to the last minute and then frantically rush around until I just end up tipping the entirety of a draw into the suitcase and closing it. My husband will then ask me a series of questions like “did you remember your toothbrush?” or “do you have your passport” to which the answer is usually “shit, I will buy one over there” and “ahhh let me just check”.

I am so organised that once I had the wrong time for our flight so stuck in my head that I had convinced everyone else that I knew the details correctly. This resulted in my husband exceeding safe speed limits through Rome streets in a hire car to the airport. While the rest of us in the car just chanted the mantra we will I will not die today. Followed by a running race to the check-in, one very stressed and angry husband and some very disgruntled flight passengers. Fair to say after that I was not left in charge of any travel requirements.

Well this time I had to be a little bit more organised. I couldn’t just whip up a new Bridesmaid dress over there could I or could I?

As most shoe addicts my packing started with what shoes I wanted to take for both trips. But unlike trips taken prior to discovering Galibelle my pile of shoes looked so small. So much so that I actually thought I had forgotten things so I took everything out and repacked to make sure, so very unlike me.

With Galibelle I was able to pack the soles I wanted and a selection of straps that matched each outfit perfectly. I actually could not believe how easy Galibelle shoes made my packing.

Deciding what shoes to take on a holiday is always the hardest part and I always end up disappointed with what I have taken as it is so hard to find the perfect shoe in terms of height, comfort, style and ease that goes with everything. Not with Galibelle!

I thought I would share what I packed for both trips, so here it is!


I wore Karina every single day except the wedding day. I could not believe how many comments I received m about my pair of Karina’s and a few people actually asked me how many shoes I packed as it looked like I was wearing a different pair every day. Winning!


I chose straps that I knew could be used between Deise and Sara to minimise the different straps I needed to take. I had so much choice it was unbelievable. It gave me the equivalent of 19 pairs of shoes and that is not even being creative and reversing straps or mixing and matching colours.

The best part is that these 19 pairs of shoes all fitted into 2 small Galibelle travel bags and took up literally no room in my suitcase.



If you want to discover for yourself how amazing these shoes are to travel with check out to purchase.

We also offer in home showcases, visit our stockist section to find a consultant or stockist in your area.

Till next time Belle’s

Kara Allen
Managing Director
Galibelle Australia

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