Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

The year that was 2016!

I have seen a lot of negativity around 2016, my news feed has been flooded with posts about how bad this last year has been for some of us and an excitement and relief to see the back end of it.

There has been an onslaught of funny memes about just how rotten last year has been for some. My favourite include Homer Simpson burning a bridge turned into a meme about saying goodbye to the past year and a horror movie entirely dedicated to events in 2016.

Check them out below for a bit of a laugh.


I have had my own share of struggles this year and have seen loved ones struggle as well. From the loss of loved ones to battling illness to financial struggles.

However there have also been a lot of highs, pregnancies, births, engagements, holidays, weddings and lots of celebration’s in-between.

Through the highs and lows I always try to approach situations with the following mentality.


However your 2016 went, there is something cleansing about the start of a New Year. Something that can not be explained, seen or touched, it is a feeling, a fresh start and a kind of wiping the slate clean mentality.

Health and fitness routines are started, plans and promises are made. Whether you are a New Years resolution kind of Gal or not, you can not deny that the start of a New Year instils a positiveness in us that makes us want to learn another language or take guitar lessons or get outdoors more etc.

So whether you are a goal maker, a list ticker or a fly by the seat of your pants kind of person, surely you deserve to be doing you in amazing shoes 😉

I can not help with your Fitness schedule or your guitar lessons but I can help you begin 2017 in style so please accept our offer of

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I would love to hear your New Years resolutions or if you are not a resolution type of person, humour us with the funniest meme you have seen about 2016 hehehe

Cheers to a fantastic 2017

Until next time Belle’s

Kara Allen
Managing Director
alibelle Australia

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