Curing Mondayitis

Curing Mondayitis

Who here suffers badly from Mondayitis?

Whether we are in the 9-5 grind or the entrepreneurial hustle I think all of us suffer from the Monday Blues from time to time. You have had a break over the weekend. Maybe you have switched off and turned off all things work or business. You have had a busy weekend and feel you have had no time to rest properly. Whatever it is, whether we love our jobs or businesses, there are times when that Monday heads around and you feel a bit lost, overwhelmed, stressed or just the horrible dread of the work load to come.

Working for myself has cured the Mondayitis for me in many ways as I want to get up and hustle for my future but also because I have the freedom to plan my day and structure my week how I choose, which I love. However I still fall pray to the odd Monday where I sit in front of my desk, have switched off for the weekend to recharge and feel a bit lost or overwhelmed with my work load for the up coming week.

I remember in my previous traditional J.O.B. I would stay up to all hours of the night on a Sunday because I dreaded the Monday’s that much. Monday would inevitability roll around and I would be even more exhausted and drained and ill equip to handle the day which would throw my entire week out of focus.

So it’s all good and well we have diagnosed the issue right? So what do we do about it. I am not going to sit here and preach to you to join us and start your own business because frankly business is not for every one. For every perk there are 2 hurdles to overcome and although worth it in my opinion it is not an easy road. I am also not going to preach the mind over matter Hocus Pocus (even though I am a big believer in manifesting the energy you want in return. Visualise the outcome and all that jazz). I know it is not for everyone.

What I am going to do is tell you some things I do that have helped in the past and also currently help me. As well as some things you can actually implement or try to see if they cure the Mondayitis for you.

1. Me Time

It sounds so simple right? It is not always as simple to achieve. When I first started my business I was so caught up in this notion that I had to work 24/7. I had to reply to every email instantly, I had to pack every order every day even on a Sunday. It didn’t make me more productive, it actually made me resentful and burnt out to the point where I dreaded Mondays as I felt I never really got a break. I missed my friends and my family and felt I was missing out on so much.

I have released now that no one dies if they have to wait until Monday to get a email reply. I cant ship orders on a Sunday so why pack them on a Sunday when I could be enjoying my day with friends or family or catching up on relaxation and so on. I now set an important task that needs no interruptions that I focus on for Saturday morning and the rest of the weekend I shut off completely. I don’t check my emails, I don’t check social media. I turn off. The benefit of this is that come Monday I actually feel totally recharged and relaxed and as if I actually had a break, plus I ticked a task off on Saturday before the week has even started. Win Win!

2. Pre-Planning

I tried the planning my Monday on Sunday night thing. I read in some blog that this helps you focus and get in straight away on a Monday to know what you need to get done. The issue I found with this was that it contradicted my Me Time I speak about in point 1. I felt I was working on Sunday and not taking advantage of my full weekend. It also meant I would be staying up later on Sunday coordinating and planing instead of unwinding because I spent the afternoon at a BBQ with friends or we had a family Sunday roast.

However pre-planning my week is a important part of making sure I stay on top of everything.  I try to balance out my time and schedule my week in advance. On Friday afternoon I unwind at around 3.30pm – 4pm and start to plan and map out my week ahead. Looking at my calendar and seeing when I can schedule in meetings and important tasks that I need to focus on for the following week.

YES I actually block time in my calendar for important tasks, this helps me as I get a reminder to get in and get it done. I can then see the nights I have to work late or start early and I can balance it out.  If I have a day where I know I have to work quite late, I will try to take it easier in the morning and get some things for me done before I go into the office.

I find pre-planning my week means I get into the office on Monday. Look at my calendar and know exactly what I need to achieve and where to direct my focus.

3. Complete a Task Straight Up

Some Monday’s, even with a weekly plan in place you get in front of your desk and feel unmotivated. I combat this by knocking a task out straight away. The first thing I do is check my emails. It is routine, I come in, sit down and check my emails for urgent items. If nothing is urgent – Pretty much meaning a fire or death. I religiously do the same task every Monday morning. For me it is commissions reports and accounts. This is a task I don’t particularly like. So why I hear you ask would I do it first thing Monday.

  1. It gives me a routine and structure that stops me procrastinating or wondering what I should prioritize to do first.
  2. It gives me a task that I need to focus and concentrate on. Having something that requires a lot of focus straight off the bat makes me forget for a minute that the weekend is over.
  3. It is a task that needs to be done and if left undone can cause big issues for a business like mine. Once I have completed this task I feel a huge sense of accomplishment and that makes me feel focused and ready to smash the week.
  4. I find doing my accounts straight up on a Monday allows me to really look at what we did the last week and where we are positioned and allows me to make and implement changes to reflect and continuously improve.

I have found since introducing this method my productivity has increased, my weeks are more focused and I seem to achieve more overall during the week. Having a set task first up on Monday also takes away a bit of the blues when I do have them as I know I need to just get in and get this task finished. It gives me a structure so I don’t wonder on in and procrastinate for an hour about where to start.

Everyone’s business or job may be different but we all have tasks that need to be done each week to keep on top of so I recommend selecting a task like this to start with.

4. Breakup the week

Sometimes the weeks get crazy busy and you find yourself starting early and working late and you can quickly start to burn out. I find planning things for myself during the week help’s give me things to look forward to that break up the work week. Like a mid week Pedi or hair appointment. I also find planning and scheduling in change of scenery is helpful to keep things fresh. Heading to a local cafe to work for an hour in the sunshine can clear my head and help me refocus.

Now these things are easy enough for me to do as I set my own schedule but if you are in a 9-5 how can you do things like this. Well I used to negotiate with my boss for a early start and an early finish a couple days a week. It meant I got home in time to have some “me time” or run some errands. I used to do the same for extended lunch breaks so I could get a Pedi or do some shopping or go for a run.

We even managed to organise a Yoga break one day a week in the office where we had an instructor come to the office and a group of us would go to the class for an hour.  I would start my day early and use the extra time in my lunch break to do the things I wanted to do and break up the day.  I have had many different bosses over the years and I found most are very willing to negotiate things like this if you are productive with the time you do have at work and you are still doing your hours. It is worth a try.

5. You have the power to change courses

Lastly, If these techniques don’t work than maybe your job just is not the right fit for you. You alone have the power to change this. Ohhh I am going Hocus Pocus on you, aren’t I? But Seriously! Nothing says just because you have been there for 5+ years that you can not do a 360 and change completely. There is nothing written in concrete that says you have to stay in the same line of work or industry just because you may feel that it is all you have qualifications in. Chop and change until you find something you love.

I started out as a hairdresser, completed a 4 year apprenticeship and realized it was not for me. Did a complete 360 and went into finance. Spent 5 years learning that and then flipped again into mining and tender coordination. I then started my own business in fashion and finally found something I truly love. In between those jobs I have worked temp jobs in admin at a pie store, restaurants, boutiques, kitchen stores and freelance admin jobs that I used to get from gumtree advertising to still earn a income while I decided on my next course. So what is keeping you in a job you hate?? Who says you do not have the power to change in a completely new direction or industry or do a odd job in between until you find your niche.

I hope this helps those suffering from Mondayitis in some way or another. If you enjoyed reading it or want to add your own experiences or tips please feel free to comment.

Thank you

Kara Allen






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