Why you should have a Galibelle Shoe Showcase

Why you should have a Galibelle Shoe Showcase

You have read our blog about the benefits of becoming a Galibelle consultant, so now we thought we would touch on what having a Galibelle shoe showcase is all about.

We have all been to the parties where we sit in a row and listen to one person explain how if you buy 3 of these products tonight they will throw in a free set of steak knives.

Well our aim at Galibelle is to try to steer clear of the Party cliché and the stigma attached to parties.

I spend the majority of time at parties trying not to chew my carrot stick too loud or god forbid I finish the carrot stick and now want some cheese but it means I have to get up and walk to the snack table but I cant because the lovely consultant is explaining how a blend of oils are going to penetrate my skin levels and…………………..

A Galibelle shoe showcase is focused around you!

Catching up with your girlfriends and being able to purchase our unique shoes in the comfort of your own home with the assisted help of a trained Galibelle consultant who can take the guess work out of purchasing Galibelle shoes.

No long winded presentations or sales scripts, just a bunch of girlfriends shopping at home. Who wouldn’t want that!

How many times have you gone to purchase something online only to back out at the last minute because you:

A) could’t understand the sizing chart, because I am a size 7 but its in euro which is a size 38 but then this Brazilian size says I am a 36 so do I need a 36 or a 38 ahhhhhh.

B) went to measure yourself because you can understand the size chart but you cant find a damn sewing measuring tape thingy. You can only find your husband’s measuring tape in the shed but that is not going to be accurate is it?

C) had all the knowledge and tools, measured yourself, realised the numbers weren’t what you expected and now you are eating ice cream watching Gilmore Girls.

Now how good would it have been if you could try the item on right then and there in your home, feel the material and the fit and get the opinion of your friends? Well this is what we are trying to create with our Galibelle shoe showcases.

All the benefits of online shopping + all the benefits of shopping in store mixed into one. See the shoes, feel the material, try them on, eat your carrot stick as loud as you want then go for seconds of cheese and purchase without the guess work.

Still not convinced, check out some footage of a recent showcase I did with some girlfriends.

If you are interested in holding your own Galibelle Shoe Showcase please contact us at [email protected]

Till next time Belle’s

Kara Allen
Managing Director
Galibelle Australia

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  1. Interested 😁

  2. I’m interested in having a showcase! It’s it still possible?

    • Hi Hollie,
      Yes 100% still possible. I would love to put you in contact with one of our Solesisters who can help you. I will email you with some further information.

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